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Instantly promote your music or brand with the click of a button.

With a variety of options, you can submit your song and grow it on any streaming platform you'd like.


Building Playlist Campaigns made easy.

We take care of the whole campaign process. Sit back and watch your numbers grow.

Select your target platform.
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Meet your curator.
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Are you an artist?

We always have the artist in mind when we start a campaign. Most platforms don't work because of non-existing customer support or platform support. At Plvylists, we speak with every artist, label and curator personally.


Are you a curator?

Build your own playlists, get submissions from artists, and most importantly, get paid! We are now accepting curators into our network, join the thousands of other curators we've personally invited to be on Plvylists.

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Are you a brand?

We work with brands to curate and build their playlists on several platforms. Not only do we manage Instagram and Facebook ads to maximize ROI, but we also run mass playlist campaigns for brands looking to spend big budgets and help the music industry move forward!

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