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Curated owned playlists

Genre Specific Targeting

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We partnered with Plvylists for all our artists playlist campaigns and the results are phenomenal.

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We monitor results by ensuring ads are constantly running on songs for them to gain exposure over time. Just because your campaign is over does not mean you've stopped working with Plvylists.

We make sure to check the analytics of the playlists we submit to to ensure they meet your standards. We do not endorse the use of any fake streaming tools and strictly prohibit any of our curators from delivering inorganic traffic to our artists. We actively implement new strategies to eliminate submissions from playlists that may have fraudulent streams. We want to focus on converting the listener to your follower, and if the playlist quality is weak, that is not a possibility.

Insights Guaranteed.

You can track the results of every campaign in your insights dashboard. Our curators will make sure your song is ranked high enough on their playlists, in order to maximize song exposure during the campaign. We want your song to reach as many streams as possible for the budget and we do that by paying the third party playlists your full budget.  

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Fastest in the Industry

Curated owned playlists

Genre Specific Targeting

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