Reach real fans.

We run ads for you and focus on saves only.
For every click on your ad, a fan will save your song. Our ads will target real fans only.

Get 1,000+ Saves from Playlist Fans!

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Artists and labels just like you, with the same potential as you, using the same resources available to you.

Arizona Zervas

20.1M monthly listeners

+18,319,124 in the last 30 days


We partnered with Plvylists for all our artists playlist campaigns and the results are phenomenal.


The best playlist pitching platform and the best playlist ad platform.


Plvylists changes the way playlists are being built. The playlists they are building are touching every corner of the industry.

Get Real fans. In Real Time.

Turn your listeners into real fans.

There is no point in promoting your song to people who will listen to the song once without saving it. Streams pay you, but as an artist, it hurts your algorithm when your saves are low because it shows that the people are not saving your music to their library.

Saves convert into fans and customers.

When a listener saves your song, they are more likely to follow you. They are now being exposed to your song not only in someone else's playlist, but in their music library. We design the ads to only target people who will save your ad. For every click on your ad, the fan will save your song.  

Get Paid and Grow.

Many people will submit to playlists who bring them streams but the engagement activity is low. This happens when songs do not fit the playlist and no ads are made for the song. Targeting your fans to save your music is the way to go if you are looking to get paid and grow.

All of our playlists are Chartmetric 

verified and authenticated.

Our partners at make sure we are delivering a safe and unique experience to our artists, in order to reach a large targeted audience during their campaign that will potentially change the career of the artist.


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