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How do we monitor the results?

At the moment, monitoring your results must be done through your correspondent analytics application, based on which service you purchased. Analytics dashboard is currently unavailable at Plvylists.

With thousands of new playlists being created online every day, there is always an opportunity for you to get your song added into playlists and gain exposure. At Plvylists, we have built the world's largest network of 50,000+ curators through our communications and have set up direct systems with each curator to automatically add your song into their playlist once approved. We are Plvylists.

Years of Experience. Proven method.

We have years of experience working with playlists, our company is quite literally called "Playlists" with a V instead of the A. We understand that nobody can control how real fans will react to a new product or sound, but we know we can get you in front of them. Our playlist campaigns guarantee a certain reach that you will get. This reach is determined by the amount of total playlist followers. Do you believe in your music enough to get playlisted? Click here to get started.

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in the Industry

Curator owned playlists

Genre Specific Targeting

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Boosters are here!

What are Boosters you might ask? Have you heard of SMM panels? Probably not.
Well, SMM panels are essentially huge network of accounts that are used by popular websites to sell followers, likes, views and more.
We've sourced the best SMM panel services and picked the best quality ones for you to choose from, to help you grow your song across multiple platforms with the click of a button.
Our most unique service "Booster" is finally here. With every booster, you are able to gain streams and engagement on the platform of your choice instantly, just like using an SMM panel. Browse through options below and choose your combination of boosters and add them to your campaign!

How does it work?

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Fastest Service

in the Industry

Curator owned playlists

Genre Specific Targeting

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Listeners don't always convert into followers.

We always have the artist in mind when we start a campaign. Most promotional services don't work elsewhere because you don't receive the customer support or platform support. At Plvylists, we speak with every artist personally and make sure that your campaign will get you an increase in numbers!

Gaining new listeners is not easy.

When we submit your budget, we have it in mind to maximize the value of your money in relation to the results. Our system is built to ensure your music will reach new people everyday and continue to do so for 30 days, otherwise you are eligible for a refund. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the results of a successful campaign convert into engagement and social traction.

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