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Our mission is to make

playlisting easy.

Our Community

We build playlists for brands.

We build amazing playlists for you to listen to by partnering with your favorite brands and curating the whole experience. We also partner with popular playlists to offer you a place on our platform where you can reach potential fans by connecting with the curators directly!

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Platform for growth

Plvylists was made for the artist. Our main mission is artist discovery, specifically via playlists. We partner with brands that make growing a playlist easy. If you own a brand that wants to partner with playlist, we will curate the whole experience for you from start to finish. Just email us to get started!


Building playlists is an art that many fail to master, but not us.

We are designed to help artists grow, to help brands reach a wider audience and bring the music industry together through playlists. By allowing our curators to have their own system of tools that creates an internal ecosystem with them and the artist, it in turns generates revenue and exposure towards both parties. Giving both parties more content to post, more cross-platform exposure and essentially being the catalyst to artist growth.

We are a platform built for growth, focused around growth.

A platform for artists, and playlist curators.

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As an artist, how will Plvylists benefit me?

Put your music promotion on autopilot.

1. Submission

Submit your track to Plvylists.

Choose from 3 packages to best match your promotion campaign or build your own!

Within 24-72 hours of submitting, you will be placed in our playlists. If you are approved, you will receive the playlist links will be sent via email. If not, your budget will be refunded and we will recommend other options for you.

3. Review

An expert from our team will listen to your track and make a decision on which playlist owned by other curators your music fits best.

2. We listen to you


Your track being added into playlists made by our partnered curators will see outstanding and promising results.

4. Results

Curator - Benefits

As a curator, how will Plvylists benefit me?

Just a few years ago, discovering new music wasn't as easy as it is today. The average listening experience did not involve playlists. On the other hand, people would shuffle through their music library or already downloaded music over and over without the need to look for new sounds. Today, every platform including Apple Music and Spotify are built on playlists. No streaming platform could survive without playlists, they have become embedded as a fundamental aspect of the new streaming era. Playlists are the future of music. All your favourite artists have submitted to multiple playlists in order to gain exposure and new fans.

Sign up as curator

We have all the tools you need to succeed.

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